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Your. Voice. Matters.


The words you use, the language you speak.
These are unique. To you.
Find new audiences and help them find you.

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Each speaker has their own voice signature. Use Natural Language Processing to find your best speakers - and what makes them so good.
AI-powered personalized highlights allow listeners to hear just the portions relevant to them. 
Enable search through the entire script of your audio with Natural Language Processing identifying key terms for different audiences.


Audio is restricted in its reach online. But it doesn’t need to be. Find new audiences and help them find you.
Let Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence find the best portions of your content for your audience.


Natural language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze, understand, and generate key terms within your content for your varying audiences. All available in plain text, improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


REALizATION moments

Let Artificial Intelligence (AI) build interactivity at key points throughout your content so your audience can watch just the portions relevant to them.